2 day 'Wild Hammock' SUP

Long 2-day River Exped

SUP Glamping Trip

This is our most popular multi-day route that sets off from our HQ at Montford Bridge and heads downstream through the Shropshire countryside on the gently flowing River Severn.

We will begin by giving you an intro of how to SUP and also, rather more importantly for those who like their sleep... how to tie up your hammock for a comfy night.

All of your camping gear will be packed into a 40-litre barrel per person and delivered to the wild campsite so you do not need to carry it with you or risk getting it wet.

At our bespoke wild campsite we have some trees for your hammock and a fire pit.

Day one is 5 miles long and day two is 7 miles long.

At the end of your trip we will collect you and return you to your car.



This longer excursion begins at Crew Green on the River Severn with an introductory session on how to control your SUP, and then you will set off down towards Montford Bridge. This first 8-mile leg of your adventure should take around 4 to 5 hours of relaxed paddling -- so why not stop at the Royal Hill pub for lunch! After meandering through the stunning Shropshire countryside you will arrive at the historic Montford Bridge for your night's camping. The campsite is located where you will have parked your car, meaning you do not need to transport any equipment with you during the course of the day. There is a lovely local pub situated on site at the campsite. Day 2 is slightly longer and will take you around 7 hours to complete at a relaxed pace. Once you arrive at Shrewsbury we will simply pick you up and return you to your vehicle.




This unique SUP glamping experience combines 2 short and relaxing days of stand-up paddleboarding through Shropshire's beautiful countryside with glamping in our rugged yet comfy Land Rover. The Land Rover is kitted out with a safari roof tent, fridge and basic cooking facilities. The area is classed as a 'Wild Site', meaning any firewood will need to be brought in rather than gathered from the nearby forest to preserve the habitat.  

Your experience will start at Montford Bridge with an introduction on how to SUP along with some navigational instruction.

We will transport any personal belongings wanted for your night directly to the site for you. On your second day we will collect you from a pre-agreed finish point in Shrewsbury and return you to Montford Bridge and your car.

Canoe Hammock Camping


We like to keep things simple, so please either call or email and we will always be happy to arrange your booking.

Call - 07397 005355

Email -

All Stand Up Paddle Board hire sessions include a

15-minute introduction to your board at the start to ensure you are happy, comfortable & ready for your adventure.

SUP hire £50 per board

Hammock hire £10 per night (inlcudes Cover Tarp)

Firewood £5 per bag

SUP hire £60 per person

Camping £8 per adult

SUP hire £50 per person

Land Rover glamping £40 per night

Firewood £5

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